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I am very pleased and honoured, on behalf of The Board of Governors of The Ontario Junior "A" Lacrosse Council and myself, to congratulate the completed Six Nations Arrows Lacrosse Team on their winning of the 2014 Minto Cup.  To have been here in Vancouver, with The Arrows, to witness this outstanding, and possibly historic feat, gives me great satisfaction and pleasure.

The Arrows got off to a shaky, and in my mind puzzling, start to the series, but with the support of those family and friends who travelled with them plus the ever-growing support of their First Nations friend from around the lower main land, they were able to turn the series around with four straight victories after suffering  the two opening loses.

Winning four straight games, after loosing the first two is something that I, in my 33 years as Commissioner, have never witnessed before.

I sat with several of my BC friends, and they, some of them CLHOF inductees, were all in agreement that The Arrows were the better team led by their captain and Minto Cup MVP Johnny Powless.

Gentlemen, you now have been crowned the 2014 Minto Cup Champions, and as I told you all at a meeting before the series began, if you win it nobody can ever take it away from you. So enjoy the "fruits of your labour" you have earned that right.


Best Regards, Commissioner,


Dean McLeod

2014 Jr A League Award Winners

Ontario  Junior  “A”  Lacrosse 


                               Individual Player Award Winners




                                 Rookie of the Year - Jeff Teat, Brampton Excelsiors


                                 Scoring Leader - Reilly O'Connor, Whitby Warriors


                  Outstanding Defensive Player - Leo Stourus, Six Nations Arrows

GAYLORD POWLESS MEMORIAL AWARD                        

                               Most Sportsmanlike Player - T. J. Sanders, Barrie Lakeshores

DENNIS MCINTOSH MEMORIAL AWARD                           

                               Most Valuable Player - Daniel Craig, Barrie Lakeshores

                                                    -Chris Cloutier, KW Braves

ROBERT MELVILLE MEMORIAL AWARD                          

                               Goalies, Lowest Goals Against - Don Alton, Six Nations Arrows

                                                              -Doug Jamieson, Six Nations Arrows

JIM VELTMAN AWARD                                                      

                               Most Outstanding Player - Reilly O'Connor, Whitby Warriors


SANDERSON MEMORIAL AWARD, In Memory of Chris and Ryan

                               Most Valuable Goaltender - Don Alton, Six Nations Arrows


JIM BISHOP MEMORIAL AWARD                                              

                                Outstanding Coaching Staff -  KW Braves, Brian Beisel

                                                                              Eric Martin

                                                                             Andrew Watt

                                                                            Corey Hallman

                                                                            Mark Tinning



                         All-Star Teams;

      First Team:


Goal:             Don Alton, Six Nations Arrows  


                  Defense:                Leo Stourus, Six Nations Arrows

                                      Derek Searle, Burlington Chiefs


                    Forward:        Reilly O'Connor, Whitby Warriors

                                      Chris Cloutier, KW Braves

                                      Daniel Craig, Barrie Lakeshores


Second Team:


Goal:             Kevin Orleman, KW Braves   


         Defense:         Matt Hossack, Whitby Warriors

                                      Brandon Clelland, Orangeville Northmen


                    Forward:        Zach Herreweyers, Brampton Excelsiors

                                      Turner Evans, Peterborough Lakers

                                      Austin Shanks, Whitby Warriors


DEAN McLEOD AWARD                                                     

                                Most Valuable Player, Playoffs - To be determined at the conclusion of the playoffs

E. W.  ‘BILLY’ EVANS MEMORIAL AWARD                       

                                Outstanding Graduating Player - To be presented at the OLA, AGM in November.                   

Playoff Tie-Breaker

Immediate release:

Junior "A" Lacrosse has completed the most unique situation ever, something that has never happened before, in that, four teams were tied for the 3rd through 6th positions in our final standings and two teams tied for the 8th playoff position.  With the OLA constitution not clear on what the process is if two or more teams are tied in the final standings.  The following is what I have concluded in the manner in which these positions would be reached.

First tie breaker, wins and losses against the four teams tied;

Whitby            4 wins    2 losses

Orangeville      3 wins    3 loses

Peterboro        3 wins    3 losses

KW                 2 wins    4 losses

Whitby is awarded 3rd spot by virtue of 4 wins.

Second tie breaker, wins and losses in the games played amongst the three remaining teams; Orangeville, KW and Peterboro.

Orangeville      2 wins    2 losses

Peterboro        2 wins    2 losses

KW                2 wins    2 losses

Being that all three teams have the identical win/loss records, R 1.06, clause II of the OLA constitution is used. Goals Average Formula will be used and that only the goals for and against during the games these three teams played against each other will be used.  The scoring records against each other are as follows;

Peterboro        44 for     45 against,    .4944

Orangeville      29 for     32 against,    .4754

KW                41 for     37 against,    .5256

From these figures I have reach the final standings as following, via Goals Average Formula;

KW                .5256, 4th place

Peterboro        .4944, 5th place

Orangeville      .4754, 6th place

As I said above, this was truly a unique circumstance which now we have all playoff seeds set and all teams can go forward into the 2014 Junior "A" playoffs and I wish the best of luck to all eight teams.


Dean McLeod.


OLA Jr A Lacrosse League


Playoff Tie-Breaker - Immediate Release

Immediate Release,

After consultation with Barrie and St. Catharines this morning I have decided, with the safety of the athletes on both teams in mind, that the winner of the St. Catharines at Barrie game Friday night in Barrie will advance to the playoffs as the 8th seed.

This decision was made, as I stated above, with the distinct possibility in mind, that the winner of 8th place could be forced into four games in five night and/or eight games in nine nights if their first round went five games.

This is the most unique situation that could be imagined, in that, these two teams are fighting for the final playoff spot and play each other on the final day of our schedule.

Coming to this decision is contrary to our Policy Paper but, with the co-operation of both teams, the right decision was made. I thank Mike Kloepfer and Paul Coates for their vision in this matter. Best of luck to both teams tomorrow night in Barrie.


Dean McLeod,


OLA Junior A Lacrosse League


Six Nations Forfeits Game

To all:  

As a result of Six Nations suspensions during the Whitby @ Six Nations game June 26th to SN players Trevor Stacey and Patrick Thornhill these players were assessed three and two games respectively.

As a result of Six Nations playing Patrick Thornhill in the second game of his two game suspension and Trevor Stacey in the third game of his three game suspension Six Nations will forfeit their win against Barrie. Barrie will be awarded the two points.

This matter is an embarrassment to our league and with the state of the standings between Barrie and St. Catharines (tied) it isn't desirable to have to do this but as per the OLA Constitution and the Junior A policy paper I have no other option.

I will be issuing a monetary discipline against Six Nations shortly.


Dean McLeod,

OLA Jr A Commissioner

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